DCC++ Setup with Vellerman KA03 Motor & Power Shield

DCC++ is an open source digital command system for model trains. The base station consists of an Arduino, which utilizes a Motor Power Shield hat as the controller. This post will address the setup of the Velleman KA03 Motor & Power shield hat for DCC++, where I discovered some profound discrepancies between this unit and […]

LibreNMS – Integrating Oxidized on CentOS 7

This is a guide for integrating Oxidized with LibreNMS. This guide also addresses the installation of a newer version of Ruby on CentOS 7.   The first step is to verify the removal of the default version of Ruby (2.0.0), and installing Ruby 2.4.5 from source. Remove Ruby: sudo yum remove ruby ruby-devel Install development […]

Let’s Encrypt on a UniFi Controller

Spun up a virtual controller for UniFi, and was looking into implementing a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Came across this link in the UniFi forum – thank you, Frank Gabriel! https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Wireless/Lets-Encrypt-on-Hosted-Controller/m-p/2463220#M318272 We wanted to help put this out there for others, so here is the script in full (please update your domain name in the […]

Robocopy Bliss

I cannot count the number of times I log into a Windows server and find a tool installed that synchronizes the directories. Why, when we have robocopy?   Common usage examples: Dry run, recursive, keep existing, retry once, wait 1 second to retry: robocopy “\\fileserver-1\share$” “\\fileserver-NEW\share$” /XX /R:1 /W:1 /E /L” After the Dry run, […]

Hosted UniFi Controller Firewall Setup and port forwarding (firewalld)

This tutorial will be using firewalld to control access. Install firewalld: sudo apt install firewalld Enable firewalld: sudo systemctl enable firewalld Reboot: reboot   After rebooting, verify firewalld is running: sudo firewall-cmd –state First you need to identify your external interface and assign it to the correct zone; we will be using the “public” zone […]